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cenotes - entrance to the mayan underworld

Experience the mystical sacred places of ancient mayan culture by scuba diving or snorkelling!

what is a Cenote?

The Yucatán peninsula has a unique underwater river system, the entrances are called Cenotes. Christal clear water in the middle of the jungle invites to snorkel and dive.

But how they were formed?

Let´s go back in time, 66 million years: The same meteor that killed the dinos smashed into what is today Gulf of Mexico. The impact creates cracks in the limestone of a huge reef that is now Yucatán peninsula.

view over cenote zapote "hell´s bells"

During millions of years rainwater washed out the minerals and created a vast system of caves. Stalactites and stalagmites grew and decorated the halls and tunnels like palaces. 

experience history!

Many remains of prehistoric creatures can be found here. The oldest human skeleton on the american continent also has been found in a Cenote! For the Mayan people they were sacred, Cenotes are the only fresh water reserves on the whole peninsula and were fundamental for this advanced culture.

If you want to get more detailed information about the history of cenotes, check out my blog post:

me watching dripstones

The famous cenotes of Yucatan are the entrances to the largest underwater cave system in the world and in Mayan religion entrance to the underworld. They offer not only remains ...continue reading

Cenotes, entrance to the Mayan underworld and the largest underwater cave system in the world

what can you do in a cenote?

having fun! fun! fun!

For each age and interest. 

Swimming, diving, zipline, horseriding, atv & more

scuba diving

Explore caverns by scuba that are flooded for thousands of years! Only open water certification and a certified guide like me is necessary to make this happen! If you are certified cave diver, I can show you the best lines through the largest underwater cave system in the world!

symbol diver
symbol snorkeling


Swimming and snorkeling is another way to explore the secrets of a cenote if you are not a certified diver - or want to bring friends & family that can´t dive. Some cenotes offer amazing ways to swim from chamber to chamber and see their beautiful dripstone formations.

other activities

Many other activities are offered in cenote parks: get action on an ATV tour or zip lining through the jungle, relax in a mayan spa or enjoy the ancient forest by horse riding. If you have friends or family, that´s where you want to go!

symbol atv
fun day at cenote kin ha

A day at a cenote with me is like that:

In the morning I pick you up at your place anywhere from Cancun to Puerto Aventuras. From there I bring you to the cenote we chose together. If you like to have another coffee on the way - no problem!

We pick up some real local food depending on your wishes.

After arriving I will show you the location, its facilities and talk a bit about the history of cenotes and its importance for the Yucatán peninsula. Now it all depends what adventure you like to do:

scuba diving

In a detailed briefing you get to know how to have a safe cavern dive. Afterwards we will set up our equipment and then we get ready to blow some bubbles!

In between the dives we have a relaxed surface interval with some refreshers and a debriefing.

cave diving

We talk through the dive plan and I explain the navigation. After setting up the equipment and getting into the water we match our gear, conduct s-drills and enter the magic underworld!

In between the dives we have a relaxed surface interval with some refreshers and a debrefing.


We explore the area a bit further before we get changed. After a quick briefing we jump into the water and admire the sunken dripstones.

Some cenotes have cliffs to dive into the water, big fun! Whenever you feel like having a refresher or lunch you get it! And then we see what´s next.

other activities

I can organize all activities in advance or you check them out at the destination and decide then.

Whenever you feel like having a refresher or lunch you get it! And then we see what´s next, maybe you got inspired by something you saw on the way - if possible I will make it happen!

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Do you have any more questions, wishes, recommendations?

Not sure if you can make a dive in a Cenote but you really want to? Tell me what concerns you and I will help finding the best solution!

Still not convinced I´m the right choice for your adventures? Ask me critical questions and give me a chance to dispel your doubts!

You want to know more about a certain location, certain activities, schedule, nanny service or something else?

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