explore the largest underwater cave system

private service - safety first - best locations. Frogman Diving.

enjoy cave diving in exclusive and private guided dives in the largest underwater cave system of the world!

searching for a rental car, nobody wants to rent tanks, wasting a day looking for the location, no maps or wrong navigation descriptions - no thanks!

Safe time, dive more - go private

diver in a cave

If you are a certified full cave diver and try to go cave diving on your own in the world famous Sac Actun system you have to solve several problems.

First you need to rent a car for bumpy jungle roads. Next is finding a filling station that rents tanks to private divers. 

Finding the entrance to cenotes can also be tricky. The best spots are often hidden. Locals don´t share details to avoid private divers crowding the place uncontrolled and damaging the cave. 

exclusive, private service at an affordable price

If you found a cool cenote, finding the most interesting passages becomes important. A lot of explorations are ongoing and bring changes in the navigation.

The third jump of a 3 year old navigation is now the 5th, 3 leads into a boring dead end passage. 

If you enjoy to explore everything on your own and have enough time, go for it.

If you have only limited time a private guide that takes away all logistical and navigation problems is the best choice to get the most out of your dive vacation!

blindfish in a cave

frogman makes the difference

  • We pick you up and bring you straight to the destination!
  • Doubles, sidemount, air, nitrox, stages - all you need is gas!
  • We know where to go, above and underwater!
  • See above...
  • We love to go cave diving with friends!

go private, be happy:

With us you get an individual schedule to keep stress away from your vacation!

During the whole adventure I will be attentive and always willing to adjust the plan flexible if it helps to create your perfect experience.

 From rental gear to briefing, from entering the water to leaving it, your safety is my first priority! 

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This is the basic schedule

change details as you like it best!

Depending on the time we agreed upon I pick you up in the morning at your place.

The transfer duration depends on the distance to the cenote. If you like to have another coffee on the way, we will have one.

At the cenote we have a short walk to explore the area. After a briefing and discussing the plan we set up the gear and get into the water for gear match and s-drills.

The dive is limited by the rule of third, depending on air consumption.

cave diving primary connection

During a surface interval we have some drinks (no alcohol).

After the second dive (or on the way back) we have a snack or lunch and I take you back to your hotel - with memories of an amazing day you will never forget!

Usually you will be back around 6 pm, depending on you and the destination.

cave diver in mexico

what´s included

  • Pick up at your place
  • food & drinks
  • competent guiding
  • cenote entrance fee
  • 4 tanks
  • 2 full cave dives
  • small group
  • weights

additional services

  • equipment rental
  • video service
  • babysitter service
  • private guiding
  • third dive
  • second cenote

more questions? Ask me!

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