Up for a Bull Shark Diving Adventure?

Bull shark diving cancun - a LIFETIME adventure

An experience for certified divers is Bull Shark Diving Cancun - only during winter season female bull sharks come to a spot in Playa del Carmen. Frogman Diving will pick you up at your hotel in Cancun and introduce you sharks in a new way - calm and peaceful, majestic and beautiful!   

The real thrill of shark diving

Shark diving is an experience you will never forget! Watching these big predators swimming peacefully around you will give you a new perspective on sharks. 

To be able to observe them as naturally as possible we don´t attract the bull sharks with bait. 

Is bull shark diving safe?

Yes, it is safe. In Playa del Carmen have been no recorded shark attacks at all, not even since feeding attraction was introduced (list of all recorded shark attacks in Mexico). But that should not be misinterpreted to see bull sharks as pets!

The safety procedures for shark dives are more strict compared to a normal reef dive:

  • Divers should use long wet suits in dark colors, high contrast like a yellow suit is more likely to attract a shark´s interest
  • Avoid reflecting or bright, colorful applications on your equipment
  • Don´t use flash lights or strobes for filming or photography
  • The group has to stay close together during the whole dive, also descent and ascent
  • Swimming at the surface after entering the water or before entering the boat has to be as short as possible
  • A maximum of four divers per guide is necessary to guarantee the safety of the group at any point
  • Do not touch the sharks! Don´t chase them or block their way!
  • Avoid rapid/sudden movements

In a detailed pre-dive briefing you will learn everything you need to know to get back home in one piece, mostly even without flesh wounds ;) 

What do you get

  • Transfer from Cancun
    Pick up at your hotel in Cancun - Puerto Morelos and transfer to the marina in Playa del Carmen
  • Two tank dive
    First dive is the bull shark observation, second a local reef dive
  • Nitrox included
    If you are a certified Nitrox diver your 32% EANX will be included for the bull shark dive
  • Water & little Snacks
    On the boat we offer water and sometimes fruits, on the transfer back to your hotel I have some snacks for you

Prerequisites for bull shark diving

  • Minimum Advanced Adventure Diver or equivalent
  • Minimum age 18, 15 with parental consent
  • Minimum 20 logged dives
  • At least one local dive with me before

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Bullshark Diving Cancun  in Playa Del Carmen closeup with GPS tag

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