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the ocean, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever Jaques-yves cousteau

Experience the wonder of the Mexican Caribbean!

Caribbean dream

The southern ocean coast of Yucatán peninsula is located at the turquoise, warm waters of the Caribbean sea. It´s rich of life and offers you many beautiful places for ocean diving.

A bit north of Cancún the Caribbean meet the cold, rich of nutrition waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Offshore giant manta rays and the biggest gathering of whale sharks during the summer months offers you the unique opportunity to snorkel with them.

whale shark and snorkeller in Cancun

Experience the marine adventure!

The protected marine park of Cancún includes many beautiful reefs rich of massive schools of fish, several types of reef sharks, rays, turtles as well as stunning macro life!

Playa del Carmen is a hot spot during winter season: a population of female bullsharks stays there from November until March!

Cozumel is a pearl and one of the most famous dive locations in the world! Deep, large walls with strong currents are perfect for drift dives!

bull shark diving playa del carmen

If you want to get more detailed information about whale sharks, check out my blog post:

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what can you do in the ocean?

blowing some bubbles and having fun!

For each age and interest. Scuba diving, snorkeling, private boats

scuba diving

Explore the Caribbean reefs and their amazing marine life! Dive with me in the protected marine parks of Cancún or Cozúmel! Get thrilled on a bulll shark dive in Playa del Carmen!

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Snorkel with whale sharks in Cancún! These gentle giants gather around during summer to feed on the rich plancton, side by side with giant manta rays and even dolphins can be seen sometimes!

private boat

You want to have a excusive day on a private boat? No problem, I can make that happen! Enoy the Caribbean like kings and queens on the sun deck with a glass of champagne!

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A day in the ocean with me is like that:

Here I describe a general frogman ocean day, for details about the whale shark tour or diving read below and follow the links.

In the morning you get picked up at your place. From there I bring you to the marina we chose for the day. After the check in we get our stuff ready on the boat and get a boat briefing and the briefing for the activity.

A bit before arriving at the location we gear up to be ready to jump in the turquoise waters for an amazing ocean adventure. We have some snacks and non alcoholic drinks while talking about our experiences.

After the activity our boat will head back to the marina where we get changed and then you get dropped off at your place.

Now it´s your choice:

Bull Shark Diving

Experience majestic bull sharks during an observation dive. 

Every winter a group of female bull sharks are visiting Playa del Carmen. Get to know their peaceful character if they are not attracted by feeding.

whale shark tour cancún

At the marina you will have a little breakfast snack before boarding. During the ride we see often sea turtles and dolphins! At the whale shark site we jump to swim side by side with gentle giants, afterwards snorkelling at a reef and lunch at Isla Mujeres!

scuba diving

In a detailed briefing you get to know how to have a safe dive on the particular site. Afterwards we will set up our equipment and get ready to blow some bubbles!

In between the dives we have a relaxed surface interval with some refreshers and a debriefing.

Do you have any more questions, wishes, recommendations?

Not sure if you can do a certain activity but you really want to? Tell me what concerns you and I will help finding the best solution!

Still not convinced I´m the right choice for your adventures? Ask me critical questions and give me a chance to dispel your doubts!

You want to know more about a certain location, certain activities, schedule, nanny service or something else?

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